I decided to work on a random piece of prop to test out some of the foam tutorials I’ve ran across lately. For a lot of them, raised details are usually done in puff paint. From the first picture, you can see how not so great that turned out for me…

I went ahead and tried using some rattail cord for the details instead, and it worked out just as well. I will eventually have to adjust to using puff paint for raised details, but if there’s something that’s raised evenly all around, this is a good alternative.

Time to seal, paint, and seal again~

Also, giant eyelets work very well on foam.

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Hey, guys!

If you’re interested in super cool make-up tutorials, please take some time and watch some of my friend’s videos. She’s a talent but her videos are hardly viewed at all despite her deserving all the attention and compliments! So go check her out, leave a comment and share! : )

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