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  • Fawn Halloween Makeup (using cheap ass drugstore shit)


    This look was originally all over Reddit and Pinterest, so I definitely needed to try it. Although, I of course needed to add my own flare to it, by adding some fawn-style ears and accessories. 

    This is the same look I posted to my Reddit account: /u/rumpus_ruffled

    (Just to cover my bases before someone accuses me of plagiarism.)


    What you’ll need (for just the makeup):

    • All your basic makeup, that you’ve probably already got.
    • Black liquid eyeliner 
    • White eye pencil
    • Bronzer
    • White clown face paint (or something similar like white powder)

    What you’ll need (for the ears and accessories):

    • Hot glue
    • Aligator clips
    • Earring studs and backs
    • Fawn-like fake foliage (I used berries and pussy willows)
    • Brown and cream colored felt 
    • White acrylic paint

    The makeup is honestly pretty simple, you just need to have patience. Feel free to spice it up, or adjust parts if you get too pissed off during the process. 

    I don’t know why I didn’t take step-by-step pictures of this, so please reference the picture while reading the steps.

    • Put your foundation on.
    • Take your white powder or cream makeup and run it across your forehead/eye region (including your eyelids), down your nose, and a little above your upper lip. 
    • Then take your bronzer, and line the top of your forehead/hairline, and bring it down onto the apples of your cheeks. 
    • Remember to blend. No one wants a cheap looking fawn.
    • Take your white eye pencil and give yourself some cute-ass dots on your cheeks and above your upper lip. I’ve added a couple more here and there. (They’ll pop more if they’re on top of the bronzer.)
    • How I did my nose was a total bitch. But you can easily achieve the same affect with a simple black nose, and some contouring using your bronzer. 
    • Follow that contouring up to your eyebrows. (Seriously, reference the picture for this one.)
    • Then just do your eye makeup however you normally would. I kept it simple with just black eyeliner and mascara. 

    I really should have taken photos of how to do the ears because they’re a lot more complicated to write out than they seem. But basically, you just need to:

    • Figure out the shape you want.
    • Cut out the patterns, and glue that shit together. 
    • Attach it to some alligator clips.
    • Paint the tips of the ears white, and add little dots. Similar to how your face should look.
    • Look cute as fuck with those bitches on your head. 

    The earrings and hair piece are seriously the easiest thing in the world. 

    • Glue some foliage to your earring studs.
    • Glue some foliage to your extra alligator clips.
    • Look fly as hell. 


    Now, go frolic in a field, you fawntastic bitch.

    (via learning-to-sew)


    Day 7: cool halloween lip colors!

    Ok so I get asked a lot where I buy my blue, black, orange, etc colored lipsticks and I don’t actually buy them…I make them!

    For supplies you’ll need:
    -a jarred lip balm, I use one from mica cosmetics and mix it with my Vaseline lip therapy for a creamy finish
    -eyeshadow, typically mineral or softer eyeshadows work best but I’ve even used matte ones successfully
    -a lip brush and a pan to mix it on

    Just get a little balm out with your lip brush, poor some eyeshadow over it, mix the two and you have a really cool lip color without having to spend all that money! Also if you want it more matte, use more eyeshadow and if you want it creamier use more lip balm! 👄💄🎃👻

    (via learning-to-sew)

    I’ve used Ben Nye body paint before for cosplays but I don’t think I even OWN any in ‘organic’ colors xD I’ll take a peek at my local kickass costume shop and see what they’ve got. I may ask your help/opinion along the way miss ‘I’ve-got-help-here’BD

    Lol, I’ll always be here to help any way I can! <3

    UGH! I hate how awesome you’re getting at contouring! I’ve tried so many times but my face is soooo round and chubby that even with contouring I just look like a girl with dirt on her face. -pouts-

    Thanks! Honestly, what’s helped me is 1) having a teacher with years of theater experience to give feedback, advice, and some damn important lessons on facial structures and shadows vs highlights and 2) better makeup. For our class we were told to buy a Ben Nye kit that matches our skin tone. Even with the “theatrical” shadow brown, it’s a lot closer to natural than anything I’ve tried in the past. It doesn’t look like dirt, at least. xD -been there-

    Seriously study a dude’s face, sketch his highlights and shadows on a picture of your face, and maybe try the Ben Nye creme kits. SO much better. I’ve learned a lot in theis class. x.x 

    Oh no. I’m not the angel- I’m the moose. -curses her way into the depths of hell-


    super Sansa fabric stamping/print post!

    I’ve gotten a LOT of requests as to how I hand printed my Sansa Stark fabric from Game of Thrones, and I have some photos and walkthrough to show how!


    -an embroidery hoop (big enough to hold your design)
    -organza (to put between the embroidery hoops)
    -mod podge
    -little sponges! (the kind with the wooden or plastic end you can find at craft stores)
    -fabric paint in the color you would like to print your design
    -fine tipped sharpie or pencils (to draw your design with)
    -little paint brushes (to outline your design with properly)
    -design printed
    - a water source

    Put your organza in your embroidery hoop.  get that sucker taut.  tighten the heck out of it. 
    After it is in between the hoops and nice and snug, trace your design onto the organza!


    ONCE you have your design drawn on the organza and traced, you are ready for your next step!


    Your next step is to grab out your thin paint brushes and mod podge, and start to outline your design on the organza.  ANYWHERE YOU DO NOT WANT PAINT TO GO ON YOUR FABRIC, PUT MOD PODGE.  So, in the design pictured, pretty much anywhere I don’t want the design gets mod podged.  NOTE: I also make sure that I mod podge AROUND THE DESIGN pretty hardcore because I end up getting really into it and mess up and accidentally get paint outside of the lines.  so it’s kinda a safeguard.


    Now that your design is mod podged on there, LET IT DRY.  It won’t take too long, but this is where you reward yourself for all your hard work so far.  Get a cookie, cry a little, drink some wine. (If you’re doing several designs, I suggest getting several embroidery hoops- for Sansa’s Blackwater dress, she has 2 designs and I used 2 hoops to make my life easier when printing)

    ONCE IT DRIES, it’s time to get your sponges and fabric paint and fabric!
    Mix that paint up, I put mine on my favorite “PAINT PLATE”- a ceramic plate that shows the war gashes of ALL OF THE PAINT I’ve ever painted with (it’s all dry, I’m lazy, long story).
    Place the embroidery hoop where you want the design to appear on the fabric, and dip your sponge in paint and gently sponge the paint through the organza.  
    If you’re doing something with a repeating pattern and several designs, I suggest doing a row/column/section of ONE design at a time, like 5 fleur de lis in a row etc.  
    In between each design that you stamp, I HIGHLY SUGGEST RINSING YOUR ORGANZA AND LETTING IT DRY WHILE YOU WORK ON THE NEXT DESIGN. When I made my Sansa gown, I did NOT rinse it until way later and the paint dried and messed up my design in places (I procrastinate so of course I did not have time to fix my errors D:)


    note, it WILL get tedious, and you will hate your life if you’re printing yards upon yards of fabric- I hand stamped about 7-8 yards and I wanted to cry for years.

    Depending on the fabric you are using, I highly recommend to allot yourself enough fabric to line your sleeves if they will show, because the thinner the fabric the more you will be able to see the paint through the other side. (I know you are all going DUH right now, but it’s an innocent fact!)


    After a while you will have fabric that is all stamped and wonderous and ready to be sewn (Once it dries, of course!)
    Let your fabric dry over night at LEAST (If you have to sew it faster, you CAN blow dry it to get it to dry, or hang it outside if it’s warm weather/seasonal etc!)

    and that’s about it! go sew your outfits or dresses or make cute tshirts or whatever! 

    my dress didn’t turn out PERFECTLY because I had major malfunctions with the amount of fabric I screen printed in time for the convention I made the dress, but I still love it. If you want perfect results, don’t procrastinate like I do, and start plenty of time early or you will be frustrated and I want you all to have pretty beautiful cosplays!



    (via learning-to-sew)


    League of Legends - Nami Koi

    Cosplay by Néréide Cosplay

    Photography by Shashin Kaihi and Pika Shoot

    (via lovecosplaymag)





    this is a way to put on your wig caps that stops it from rolling, bunching, slipping, all that terrible shit.



    (via notbadcosplay)

    Castiel’s coat is officially modified. The chest-flappies and epaulets have been removed, the sleeves sewn back in and shortened, the sleeve pulls raised, and the coat hemmed to just below my knees (about four inches shorter hahaaaa [I’m so short]). I’m in the process of making a belt from the excess, but I’m gunna leave that for tomorrow, I think. Then I just need to replace the buttons.

    In other news, I got all the fur-babies microchipped for $30 total through VIP Pet Care. They had a clinic going just down the road. I highly recommend looking up their site and seeing if they’re having any clinics near you if you have critters. They were doing vaccinations, too. I was a little leery because I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about those microchips being faked by various ‘organizations’, but according to people I talked to at the dog park and some research, they seem like the real deal.

    Bahahahahahaha, Bucky lost a puppy tooth today and I maaaaay have freaked out a little. It’s one of those things you just don’t see happen often, even when you’re around dogs your entire life, and you just sort of forget it happens? So when it happened today I got super freaked out; I’m STILL freaked out, but mostly because I’ve been recalling those anxiety dreams I’ve had over the years about all my teeth falling out, only now Bucky’s the one losing all his teeth. 8D

    Look at that happy, precious little bastard and his love of the ivy.

    ((Also he weighed 33 lbs at his latest vet visit. That’s up from 22.7 lbs, which was up from 13lbs at the first visit. Little dude is getting big.))

    Uuuuuh, on a cosplay related note, I got one sleeve of Castiel’s coat sewn back on and a second layer of celluclay started on my satyr horns. Yay?