Mediocre Light Bow Tutorial:

I made this as a last minute project the day before con, using only materials that I had around. It’s too small because it was sized to fit the pre-existing arrow, which was sized to fit a smaller bow. That being said, enjoy.

  1. Make pattern. I only bothered with half because it’s symmetrical.
  2. The handle is wood, but all the rest so far is cardboard. Cut the pieces a little smaller than you want the finished bow to be. I used hot glue to attach everything. Don’t worry about making it pretty - just try to get approximately the right shape, and keep it symmetric.
  3. Cover it all in foam! This was the most time consuming part of the process. If you have a heat gun, melt the foam a bit before you stretch it around the curves. I tried to hide the seams on the back of the bow, except for the yellow parts, which rise into points with the seams incorporated into the design
  4. Paint! I used a pearl white and a metallic bronze, then covered the entire thing with a coat of Golden brand “Interference Gold” The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the Interference Gold is a low opacity pearl colored paint that shines gold when the light hits it right. It lessens the stark contrast between the white and bronze, and makes the whole thing kind of glowy.

This bow was deliberately designed to be too small, and was made using pretty scrappy materials on a tight schedule. I’d highly recommend making it to scale with a wood base and worbla detailing if time and resources permit.

Note: This bow will not bend. String it with elastic string.

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Hey tumblr, I need help! Cassie Simkins, my step sister, has gone missing from her home in the middle of the night (a day or so ago). We have reason to believe she is NOT with someone safe and she is also epileptic and does not have her necessary medications. She’s from the Rockwell City area in Iowa but it’s been over a day so they may be further away.

She’s also been using a fake account on fb to communicate with friends under different names.

EDIT: The person she is with is considered dangerous, please be careful.

If anyone has information or sees her, please contact her father Jeff Simkins immediately at 712-830-3145

These are pictures of the guy we believe took off with her. He’s dangerous (stole a weapon from someone’s home), so please be careful around him!

UPDATE: Two people that fit the descriptions of Cassie, as well as the guy we believe she’s with, were spotted around the east of Carrol (Iowa) yesterday evening (August 30th) and were spotted by vendors in Dayton (also Iowa).

Thanks for all the reblogs so far guys, keep it up!

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More Information, this is real

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SIGNAL BOOST fuck fuck fuck please find her

Quick Costume Tip - Cosplay Emergency Kit


I’ve had many questions about our emergency kit that we haul everywhere we travel! It took quite a bit of research, and I have seen a few different lists, but now that we’ve traveled with this kit a few times I really feel like we have all the bases covered, short of hauling our sewing machine everywhere!


Here is a pic of my box, which holds almost all our items! You can always go larger, but you have to keep in mind it needs to be portable, and you don’t want something that takes up too much space! The only things I can’t keep inside are the lint roller and Febreeze!


There is a whole other list I use when packing in general, but a few I can’t help but stress includes power strips and extensions cords, which are super handy when sharing a hotel room! Also do make a cosplay checklist when packing so you don’t forget any essentials. Nothing sucks more than leaving parts of your costume at home! If you have any suggestions that aren’t here please feel free to share!

The Bunni Plague Emergency Kit:

Hot glue gun

  • And extra sticks!

Super glue

  • You may need different brands depending on your costume materials. We have had the best luck with the Krazy Glue gel.

Safety pins

Acrylic paint

  • I carry primary colors plus black and white! You can make any color from there!

Paint brushes

Tide pen

  • You will eat in your costume, or rub up on someone with body paint. It will happen.



  • Neutrals are best, but this can get costume specific.



Duct tape

Double sided tape

  • This will save you in so many situations! From slipping bra straps to undone hems.

Clear nail polish

  • You can use this stuff as glue, keeps threads from coming unraveled, etc.


  • Or other pain medication

Pepto Bismol

  • Same! Don’t get the con crud!

AA batteries

AAA batteries

Permanent markers

Zip ties

  • Wire ties, whatever you want to call them!


  • Cause you can’t always wash your costumes…and guys (sorry!) bomb those hotel bathrooms!

Rubber bands

Lint roller

Xacto knife

  • Or utility knives, razors, etc. For anything scissors can’t do!

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Princess Zelda - A Link Between Worlds (Cosplay work in progress)



I’ve recently got a request to show how I made my Princess Zelda cosplay from A Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds. I made this cosplay for Desucon 9’s cosplay contest in July. The contest went really well and I got to the final which was really fun and totally awesome! 

So the first thing I did was to order the stuff I needed to get from Ebay. I decided that I wanted my dress to be pretty poofy, so I bought an underskirt, a long blond wig and a pair of elf ears. 



Underskirt (number 2):



So to make the skirt I started by measuring my waist and used a circle skirt measurement calculator thingy to get the length of the radius for your waist. Since the skirt needs to be so long I decided to make the skirt as a basic circle skirt parted in to four parts, so each part I need to sew together will be 1/4 of a circle. 


To finish off the skirt i hemmed all the edges and sew on a zipper in the back. Then I got the basic of my skirt, bet zelda still got this blue ribbon thing at the bottom of the skirt, I realised that if you sew on both sides of the ribbon it will stiffen the skirt and make it look a bit weird. Therefore I used some kind of glue thing that activates when being ironed that’s usually made for lazy people who wants to hem their curtains, and finally sewed the top edge of the ribbon. 


To make the pink top I folded the fabric in two and basically just cut out a folded rectangle with a hole in the fold to fit your head and pinned it to my body before I sewed the and cut the excess fabric. 


For the arms I used an old tshirt I didn’t use anymore and cut out for pattern and just made it extra big before I attached to the armpits in the pink top. Remember to make the sleeves too big since they’re kinda flowy and not body fitting. For the blur ribbon I used the same method as I did for the ribbon at the skirt. The cape is cut in a rectangular shape which is bigger at the bottom. After a lot of thinking of how to fasten the cape I realised that it was easiest to just attach it to the neck of the pink top. 

For the pink apron on the skirt I used this pattern and just painted in yellow, red and blue with fabric paint.


For the accessories and armor I used craft foam, a heat gun, hot glue, wood glue and painting. For the rhinestone in the crown I used a button that looked like a crystal that I found in my local craft store. When making the crown, remember to make it a little bit bigger that your head since you’re most probably going to wear a wig underneath. For the belt buckles I used air drying clay with craft foam inside/underneath so when I’d sewn on a peace of craft foam to the belt I could just melt them together with hot glue. The belt is fastened in the back with velcro. 


The wig I ordered was a little too long for my taste so I had to cut off about 10-15 cm to get it as I wanted. For the bangs I also had to do a lot of cutting since she got a pretty identifiable front with the separated bangs and the longer parts hanging loose in front of her ears. Also make sure to have some blue contacts and spirit gum to fasten the ears. 


So that is pretty much how I did it! I also painted the painting of her from the game which was used on stage during my performance in the cosplay contest. Good luck!

xx Cosplayer - Mathilde Bakken Thoresen (check me out on Facebook!)


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Talon Cape Anatomy:

  1. Started with 10 tan panels, and hand painted the glyph designs on them. (5 shown are inner cape, and are all the same, the 5 outer are 3 same, 2 different)
  2. Quilt Batting as a filler between the two tan panels, spray glued both sides to make what looked like an ice cream sandwich.
  3. Had to make 5 sided bias tape by cutting long strips of brown and ironing the folds into them. They were then glued onto the panels, (I tried the spray glue on these as well but they all started coming unglued before I even wore it, so I ended up hot gluing them on.
  4. This was surprisingly the hardest part to figure out. In order to get the little cape to fall as it should it ended up being a really bizarre shape. Didn’t bother putting red all the way around because the upholstery vinyl would cover the middle part anyway.
  5. (Not shown) There is a small cape made from a strong black material which isn’t visible that the tan panels are all sewn onto so the blue cape-let isn’t holding any weight, the blue and black are joined at the top.
  6. The daggers are all carved from green insulation foam, and just painted with acrylic craft paint. I didn’t bother covering them with spackle or anything like I did the arm blade, I wasn’t too worried about them taking too much damage. 2 of them ended up snapping at the handle as I was wearing it because the blades tend to hit the back of my boots as I walk, but I just hot glued them back together.
  7. From there it was just a lot of riveting (48 of them, I think?) and making black belts out of the upholstery vinyl.
  8. Shoulder pad: I found a kids size hard plastic baseball cap, and cut parts off so it was the right shape. I then took plastic tubing and cut a slit down it, and using hot glue to attach it and a heat gun to help form the tubing around corners I edged the shoulder pad. before spray painting it.

So there’s a general rundown, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. My images are limited to what I already had because the cape is currently at my parents house for storage. Hope this helps someone.

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